Monday, October 17, 2011

Thrifty Mom

Some may call me thrifty, my husband calls me cheap. And not like a cheap hooker who drinks Alize wine, but cheap like no, we can't buy another XBox game this year, tough.
It's a good balance between the two of us though, because he ensures we have the comforts of life at a reasonable price (if Alienware computers make you comfortable) and I make sure we have enough money allocated to feed an increasingly starving pregnant lady while still heating our home.
Having our second and third babies means I am well prepared to steer clear of the crap I don't need. I'll admit, it was fun online shopping for little whatsits when I was expecting Abby. I was a sucker for anything I thought I absolutely needed (like a baby butt wipe warmer), and went to town when our budget had more room. This time, though, our budget is smaller, we have the unplanned purchase of a minivan in the coming weeks and we know what we can do without.
I'm getting pretty good at second-hand scores, a feat I've practiced with Abby. Save for one present from us at Christmas, every toy or movie I've ever bought her has been second-hand, or given to us second-hand. For these babies, I'll be looking for second-hand glass bottles on Kijiji Ottawa (then my mom can bring them up), a second-hand twin nursing pillow, second-hand cloth diapers to expand our set for two, and swaddle blankets (the kind with the velcro that make the babies look like they're in straight jackets).
There are a few things we'll need new, things I don't feel comfortable with getting second-hand unless they're from people I know. We'll need another infant car seat, and I'm hoping to buy one second-hand off a good friend before we have to shell out the big bucks for new, big car seats the babies will use for years. I'll also get a new stroller, unless I find the model I want second-hand. (We're looking at the MEC jogging stroller and getting an infant insert for it if you see one!). We'll need a second crib eventually, and I'll hope to get one new, but if pennies need pinching, that can be second-hand too. Then there's just extra crib sheets and wash cloths, which really aren't expensive.
If we end up with a boy or two we'll need new clothes, but that's where grandparents step in. Honestly, I haven't bought any clothes for Abby save for the odd novelty T-shirt here and there. And Abby's almost three!
We're also paying for a doula, who will help us prepare my body, our home, our relationship and some food before the babies arrive, as well as helping during labour and postpartum. This is an extra cost, but we have put a lot of thought into this and feel it will be well worth the extra cost.
I'm not worried about what two babies will cost us. And that's a nice place to be in, as delivery day gets months closer. We'll budget for car payments after not making any for over two years (which was a blessing!), and we'll allot money for the few things we'll need extras of. Otherwise, the costs I foresee come in the form of larger grocery bills as I grow to the size of Mount Logan, and then afterwards when I'm nursing two growing babies and trying to feed myself.
Stay tuned for more installments of thrifty mom: how I pare down what we "need" to ensure we continue eating in a warm, sheltered environment! Five mouths is a lot to feed!


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