Friday, October 7, 2011

Prenatal yoga (except today)

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I start this post of hypocritically, because instead of doing yoga tonight, I am riding the couch with Skylar watching Intervention Canada. Today just wiped me out though, and though I don't like to complain, I felt like I needed to rest most of the time. So, I succumb to what my body is asking of me and resting. (If only my mind was granted its request for a stimulating read. Can't win them all!)
I did want to take a moment today to write about how yoga has been helping me along. When we found out I was carrying twins, I immediately spiraled into a fury of worry about whether or not my body was strong enough to carry two. I immediately was called to eat, rest and nurture my body. I started to believe I could do it, but acknowledged it would be a challenge. I started doing yoga daily again, knowing I would need a strong body to carry the weight of a twin pregnancy.
It immediately helped me feel more alive after weeks of sleeping at every chance I got. I started standing with better posture, I felt like my back was getting stronger, and my hips felt better than they had in a while. Most notably, I began believing in my body, really knowing it could carry these two miracle babies until they have grown big, strong and ready for the world.
It has become a daily ritual, and I've found a few DVDs that aren't too long or difficult for me to do every day. My yoga has become more than just a physical activity for me to do to strengthen my body in anticipation of a ginormous belly. It has become my quiet time every day, my chance to to stop and be thankful for the gift(s) I've been given.
I definitely plan on keeping it up for as long as I am able, and hope that it will help carry me through on this zen-mama wave I've been riding.

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