Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Eating for Three

So I went to the nutritionist (or dietician, as her office sign said), to get the low-down on how well I'm eating, and to see how much of what else I need. I went in thinking I was probably doing okay, but that she'd tsk-tsk all my sweets and junky snacks. I was all ready to tell her I usually champion clean eating and make a meal plan around whole foods at meals, but it wasn't necessary.
"Sarah," she told me, "you are eating just fine." All I need to worry about is eating when hungry and making sure to get adequate servings of all four food groups every day. Nice. She even applauded my evening snack of half a Kraft Dinner package.
"What a great way to get grains and calcium before bed!" she said. Stellar!
She told me to forget eating 3500 calories a day. I'm not Michael Phelps and forcing food down the hatch as I gag is no way to enjoy a pregnancy. She told me to keep taking my iron pill, and definitely to scope out a steady supply of moose meat. Otherwise, my daily salty chips (havent shaken that habit yet) and chocolate bars are still A-OK.
It's strange, because usually I'm all over healthy eating, but now my mission is just to keep eating anything and everything. I don't notice whether my systems function better on a particularly clean eating day, like I used to. I just notice the feeling of blood sugar dropping and an urgency to eat anything in the immediate future.
Winter is coming (or it's here, if the snowy scene outside my window is any indication), and that means that access to affordable, plentiful, colourful produce goes down the tubes. This is OK, we'll be just fine with frozen produce and the occasional splurge of $8 for a small carton of strawberries. I am very happy to know that a hibernation shift to eating more breads, soups, roasts and heavy-sitting comfort foods is on its way in.
I still give myself a nice pat on the back for my green smoothie every couple of days, take my prenatal vitamins and drink a big cup pf chocolate milk most days, so I know there's no real cause for concern. Like anything, it's nice to be validated, nicer still by an expert.
So now that I'm just about at my halfway point, I am glad to report I'm up 10 pounds, getting round in the belly, butt and face, and feeling pretty darn good so far.

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  1. You look great! I hear you on all the clean eating going out the window during pregnancy - I've been all about just eating what my body craves this time around, which unfortunately has included some junk-y stuff. I'm trying to embrace it though, as I get the blood sugar crazies as well.


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