Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Can I just tell you all the reasons I cry in a day? It's really quite silly. Embarrassing, even, if I didn't have this cloak of pregnancy hormones to hide behind. I cry when I hear Beyonce's song, "Girls," because it makes me proud to be raising a young girl. I cry at the pampers commercial about every baby being a miracle like I am about to die. I cry at the Tim Horton's commercial of the dad visiting his daughter in her first apartment.
All of that may seem reasonable, if not expected, given my def-con five level of sensitivity.
But this weekend I cried at the grocery store because the stuffing was on sale and, well, I love stuffing. Yesterday I cried because I remembered I had a box of white Oreos in the pantry when I got home from work. Sometimes I cry just because I look down and see a belly there.
It's kind of funny and my poor husband has learned to laugh it off with me. It's getting difficult not to cry at things in front of Abby, who only associates crying with sadness. Otherwise, I'd consider myself a pretty calm, Zen mama this pregnancy (so far). My consistent need to cry over nice things or things that make me slightly happy is strange, but I'll take it.
Today's reason to cry? This beautiful song (it's older) by Colbie Callait about her friend's daughter. It's called Capri.


  1. the other day I cried at Mother Goose when they changed the lyrics of "twinkle twinkle little star" to "twinkle twinkle Northern Lights". I started to cry when I realized that I would be having a Northern baby and that she will always identify with the North.

  2. when I was pregnant with Jack I paused on an episode of Mr. Roger's Neighborhood and bawled my eyes out at the puppet wedding taking place in the land of make believe

  3. I love that! Crying because the stuffing was on sale, too cute!


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