Friday, September 30, 2011

No more fall colours

There are a just a few hardy leaves still hanging on to the trees. I noticed this because when I actually remembered to take my camera with me on a walk in the woods with Abby yesterday, hoping to take some colourful pictures of her, I was greeted with a scene of browns. She wasn't disappointed, and instead found lots of cranberries (and cranberry lookalikes), puddle-poking sticks and fallen red leaves (her favourites).
Nevermind my fall photo shoot mishap, fall is whatever I want it to be. And since there is still no snow on the ground, by my books, the season continues.
Last night, fall was celebrated by drinking apple cider (boozeless) heated on the stove, and eating pumpkin cupcakes. (I'd say pumpkin muffins, but it was a Martha recipe, and there's not much healthy about two sticks of butter and a cup of brown sugar, but it sure is delicious). My friends and I all sat and laughed until we cried, and talked about fall/winter plans and the babies to come. I feel so, so blessed to be in the "belly club." After waiting so long, after being teased with membership so many times, I am so immensely grateful to have my belly, and the miracles it holds, to feel them squirm and to make plans over. It's even more special to share with friends.
I have finally wrapped my mind around the idea that they are coming, my babies, and that they are for keeps. I know technically that anything can still go wrong, and one or both could still be taken from me. But I'm choosing to celebrate making it this far. They celebrate too, by squirming and moving and letting me feel their own unique movement patterns every day, letting me know they are there and they are excited to join us. I even started buying more cloth diapers, and shopping for a minivan!
I started keeping a food journal today for three days leading up to an appointment with a nutritionist Monday. I made the appointment hoping for some insight on how much food I really need to eat, and to get an idea of what foods I may be missing out on. One scary book told me I needed to essentially eat fatty carbs and cream, get as big as possible, eat an extra 1000 calories a day and lie dormant for nine months, lest I move and cause early labour. That was fear-inducing. So I'm looking forward to a more realistic, balanced perspective based on my own biophysical needs, and of course that of the babies.
Until then, I'm looking forward to a weekend with my little lady, who gets more wonderful and creative every day!

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  1. Sarah, I'm loving this post. It's so full of hope, happiness and anticipation. Also, I'm so excited to celebrate autumn and this wonderful blessing of your two babies with you! xox


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