Monday, September 12, 2011

Home in two places

Hi again! Phew! I feel like a fast-moving breeze, having traveled so far so fast, and only now is the wind subsiding a little. I traveled to Ottawa, home, with my little girl for my good friend's wedding. Abby was set to be a flower girl and I was invited to be a bridesmaid. What an honour it was!
I spent lots of time showering the bride, organizing a bachelorette, assembling crepe paper pom poms for the reception, and tying up little loose ends as the bride's helpful servant-maid.It was such an honour to be asked to stand for her on her big day. It was a beautiful celebration, with great food, pumping music, and- the best part- assembling all our close friend's for one awesome party.
I love weddings, and how they transport me back to my own, calling me to revisit all the reasons I love my own husband. That and the beauty of watching a bride come down the aisle, ugh just thinking about it now makes me well up in tears! She was so beautiful!
The week was also filled with family visits. We spent a lot of time in my Dad's backyard pool, where my little girl learned to swim solo! We stayed at my mom's, who was a wonderful, comforting, soft place to land amongst the hubbub of the week. She and my sister got to spend some quality time watching Abby while I tended to bridesmaid duties, and we all got to take walks and shopping trips seeing things from a toddler's eye view. We visited with the in-laws, who showered Abby with love and cute dresses.
I loved the chance to see everyone I cared about in one condensed week! It really is too bad it was only for one week, but I definitely think we made the most of it. We then left the humid, last days of Ontario summer to return to the beautiful fall landscapes of the mountains. We were officially welcomed home last night with a beautiful northern lights show right out our front window.
We were also welcomed home by friends of ours from Ottawa, who are visiting with their baby girl. I always love being a tour guide, and it's fun to have a live-in couple with whom
to play board games and cards!
They're here another week, and I'm challenging myself to keep eating clean, plentifully, and get in some yoga while meeting my hostessing duties. Today we're off to a swim at the pool, and a great pulled pork dinner.


  1. Oh, I miss Ottawa (I'm from there, too). And I love pulled pork! So glad you had a good vacation.


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