Friday, September 23, 2011

Happy Birthday Laura

Today, a young girl would have turned 23. She would have graduated the chemical engineering program she had applied to, maybe gone on to a master's program by now. She was very bright, and performed quite well, academically. She was also a mega babe. She was gorgeous, by all standards. She was a worldly dancer. Before she died, she had her high school graduation portraits taken, printed and ordered, but then never got to cross the stage.
Our cousin Laura was in a terrible car crash Christmas Eve 2009, and died from her injuries January 9th.
Today I was thinking about what a loss that was. Everyone who knew her, and especially those that knew her well, were incredibly broken up when she died. The funeral home was overrun with family, friends, students and fellow dancers of hers who were there to try and share in their grief and make sense of it all. I was there trying to make sense of it all.
Laura was such a colourful person and I'm so glad I got the time to know her that I was afforded. She made an incredible impact on Rich and I. We named our firstborn Abigail Laura, and I am proud that my beautiful girl lives up to her name every day. I have never once used her middle name to scold her because that name comes with great honour.
In the minutes afterLaura died, arrangements were made for her organs to be donated, and she saved six peoples' lives. One of these was a pregnant woman, who received her heart. At this stage in my life, I well up thinking about how great a gift that is.
Laura is remembered every day. I know Rich and I think of her almost daily. We can't wait for Abby to be older so we can tell her stories of the girl after whom she was named.
Happy birthday to a beautiful soul, who I like to imagine as a mirage of colours floating in the wind.


  1. Oh Sarah, I am so sorry. My eyes welled up reading this.

  2. I'm left without words. This is beautiful Sarah. I'm so sorry for your loss (everyone's loss). Laura sure seems to have made a very big impact on many people.

  3. I too remembered my niece, Laura, on her birthday. I even had the opportunity to be at her birthday because her father was in Angola. It pains me to have shared the loss with her/ our family. She was her mothers pride and joy and my 2 daughters cousin and loss. Alissa even chose to tatoo her ankle with "hope" in reference of Laura. She will always be a part of our thoughts and life. Thank you for writing about her and sharing your thoughts. Abby will have some big shoes to fill, but I can see she is doing a great job.


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