Monday, September 26, 2011

Fall in the Yukon

The leaves started changing weeks ago and now there are just a small bunch left hanging on the trees before the seasonal winds blow them off. I am loving working on Main Street right now, because the leaves make it extra colourful, and so much more like the idyllic, quaint Main Street I felt it was when I first moved here.
The shift has begun where more of the people walking around downtown are locals, and fewer are tourists. Abby, Skylar and I took a walk by the river this morning and only heard one person speaking German, whereas in the summer the majority are!
People are doing their downtown errands wearing their camo gear: hats, jackets, packs and pants. It is the busiest time for hunters, who are looking to fill their freezers with caribou, moose and dall sheep. I've seen a few come home successful, as they drive around town with antlers and moose quarters sticking out of their trucks. This was weird to me my first Yukon fall, but now it is just another sign of autumn.
I've started baking more with fall's harvest treats: applesauce, squash soup, and soon I will begin the pumpkin treats. I am waiting for a friends to return home so I can buy a jar of apple cider and have some help enjoying it, since you have to drink it up quickly once it's been opened.
I have decorated my front doorway and kitchen with fall. My new votive candle sits atop of vase filled with pine cones Abby and I collected with a friend visiting a few weeks ago. Everything just feels so cozy. My thoughts turn to slowing down as both the seasons and my body wind down their energy levels. I am getting big quite fast and am anticipating that any burst of fall energy I feel now will be quickly replaced wit sluggishness once a permanent layer of snow settles on the ground. I am so excited to know that towards the end of our winter hibernation, there will be two new babies in our family!
I wish I would ave taken my camera along with me on my morning walk today, but with one hand holding Skylar's leash (as she tugged to smell all the lovely fall smells) and the other holding Abby's hand (when she wasn't dancing on the train tracks or throwing rocks in the river), I didn't have any more free for photo-taking!

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  1. apple cider with me???? xox :O) can't wait to spend these last few fall days with you.


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