Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Carrot juice smoothies?

I'm happy to report that after a yucky-weather month of August, and some days spent in long pants and down vests, I am ready to get back to routine. Cold Augusts just aren't my thing and if that's what you've got for me, Yukon, then I'll have none of it! No more wistful lists of beachy afternoons and popsicles melting on the front porch. I am accepting things as they are and moving forward with an impetus I know: routine, rhythm and home.
I thought I'd get back to the blog today with a post that continues my holistic-mama quest for food as medicine.
Today's edition: carrot juice.
I came across this article about the blood-building benefits of carrot juice. For someone trying to boost iron levels (an unending quest for me, it seems), regularly ingested carrot juice can help red blood cell counts increase.
I thought I'd try it, but was intimidated at the grocery store when the only bottle of carrot juice available was rather large. Oh well, I figured. If the taste of carrot juice was too funky, I can use the leftovers for batches of butternut squash soup. (The delicious Eat, Shrink, Be Merry recipe calls for carrot juice and it's delicious).
Later that day I pulled the blender from the corner of the counter and collected my ingredients. I didn't bother trying to sweeten or counteract the carrot juice's taste, to see if I could enjoy it without. I took a sip straight from the bottle. Gross me out. It tasted just like chewed-up carrots.
I put some spinach, flax seed, plain, fatty yogurt, carrot juice, mixed frozen berries and half a banana and the blender and hit the button.
I only made enough for me because when I asked around the house no one, not even our super polite visitors, wanted to try a carrot juice smoothie. Can't really blame them!
Their loss: the smoothie tasted great! I used about a 3/4 cup of juice (the other things I never really measure but let's say a good 2 dollops of yogurt, a handful of fruit, a handful of spinach and a tablespoon of ground flax).
So I've got the whole bottle to use in my daily smoothie, and I think I'll use it to replace the orange juice I usually use as my liquid base!
Happily, I learn something new every day.

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