Friday, August 5, 2011

August Off

When I was in university, I got to participate in research for a forthcoming makeup book by a Hollywood makeup guru. It was a really great gig I got through awesome blog contacts, and I got to interview such celeb makeup artists as Bobbi Brown, Shalini Vadhera and Troy Surratt.
I took A LOT of insight and research from that project, but today I was thinking about how I was doing these interviews in a crunch at the end of July because so many people were off for the month of August.
Off to beaches, lake houses, the Mediterranean. Anywhere. These fast-paced lifestyle and in-demand artists took a month off. Glamour.
I can't tell you I'm taking the month off because, well, nothing is changing in my life! I'm not taking time "off" of anything. But I love this rhythmic and collective slowing down that August brings. A chance to put my feet up and watch my garden bloom, literally and figuratively. It's time to reap the rewards of hard work and enjoy the slow, deliberate pace of a hot August day. We are going to outdoor concerts, lakes, road trips, reading outside, long walks, and eating the wonderful abundance of fresh produce available to us.
Given unlimited resources, I would love to spend August at home, and at the beach in Maine. We're here for what could be our last Yukon summer, so I'm soaking in my northern summer's bounty.
So, check in, mozy around, and join me in my laid-back August life.

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