Friday, July 8, 2011


I love celebrating anniversaries. Of anything. But especially of motherhood, of marriage, and of monumental moves.
Yesterday marked my fourth Yukon-aversary. On 07/07/07, I boarded a flight to the Yukon, with a one-way ticket. We flew up with the MacIsaacs, who were also flying one-way, about to start a Yukon adventure. We had met a week before in Regina, and been in touch via MSN chat (how ancient!), talking about the fear, excitement and curiosity that accompany a big move. None of us had ever been North of 60 before. We were unsure what to expect.
The first day we got there was busy, but it is etched into my memory. We were picked up by Rich's trainer at work, and brought to his new office, and the temporary quarters in which we were to live until our stuff arrived on the moving truck. We unpacked what our two allocated suitcases held, and set out to discover this new place called Whitehorse.
We had no vehicle yet, but the MacIsaacs did. We found the mighty Yukon river, some restaurants, a Wal-Mart, Canadian Tire and Starbucks...indicators that we would be OK! We walked along Robert Service way and took in the pristine beauty of our new landscape. Crisp blue water. Snow-capped mountains. And a sun that didn't set!
We went to bed with a lot on our minds, a lot to take in. We were told which places to avoid and which were "cop-friendly". This makes me laugh now because none of it was true. Everyone here has their own thing going on and for the most part doesn't care what Rich does for a living.
This place has been a surprise to me. I've come to enjoy it as a real home, and not just a place to live.
I got married while we lived here. We moved to Ross River. We had our daughter. We made deep friendships. We met some colourful characters and went on some exciting adventures. We have re-defined what a "long" road trip is. We appreciate the simple things in life, because during the long winters, the basics are expensive and sparse. We appreciate each other, Rich and I. We have experienced the best times of our lives together, and the worst.
This place has been our home four years now, and I can feel it in my bones.

Tara MacIsaac and I flying up to Whitehorse four years ago!


  1. love it, happy Yukon-versary!! I'm so glad you boarded that plane 4 years ago and I got to meet you

  2. A sweet post! I too am so happy that you were sent up to the Yukon. If it weren't for you being here, I would't have had anyone to convince me that it was such a great place- which it is! Happy anniversary!


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