Thursday, July 7, 2011

'Round Here

Lately around here, we've been summer-busy. We've had guests from Ontario, including a good friend and former Yukoner, and her darling red-headed baby boy. We ate well, had movie nights, stayed up late with wine, had good heart-to-hearts, road-tripped, and generally carpe diem-ed until the cows came home.
Now, in the deflation of having a quiet house, we miss our friends. But we also take solace in quiet, in the little things.
Like the beautiful daisies growing in my garden.

Like the beautiful rainbow across the street after a light summer shower.
We are taking mornings just to stay home, blow bubbles on the front porch, water the flowers, chase the dog, and eat fresh-baked muffins, (leaving the crumbs for the birds). It's nice to go from busy to quiet. It leaves me time to tend to things otherwise ignored, like laundry piles, the empty bread box, and the stuffed mailbox. More importantly, it gives me time to slow down and ask Abby, "What do you want to do today?" instead of convincing her she really will have fun doing whatever I want to do.
Today was Abby's choice.
How can I ever say no to this silly girl?
We started our morning with scrambled eggs and smoothies, listening to Motown. We picked pretty dresses out and watered the potted flowers outside. We ate special cookies from Alaska and then went downtown with our brown bag lunch for Arts in the Park. We went to the courthouse to visit Daddy at work, and then spent another 20 minutes looking at the koi pond. The nice gentlemen at the service desk even came to feed them, giving Abby a live nature show right in front of her. She was captivated.
Now, she rests, and I take a pause in my day to sip Ovaltine, prepare some food for dinner, and put away the laundry. It may seem domestic and plain to some, but I'm living the dream.

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