Monday, July 18, 2011

Regina Weekend!

Hi again! I went MIA for a happened, then we hit the road North to Mayo for a memorial, and then turned right back around on the highway to make our flight to Regina! Abby and I went to my cousin's wedding in the prairie town I'd only known before as "Mountie-birthplace." Our hotel had an awesome water slide, so we all spent a ton of time there pretending to be younger than we are. Abby loved it, and she learned how to jump into deep water, my little fish.
The wedding was beautiful, sunny and simple. There were dragonflies all over too, adding a magical feel to the day.
The reception had amazing food, (you know it was a prairie wedding because they served up perogies and cabbage rolls, yum!). There was also a dessert bar 9people laughed when I reached for a dinner plate to fill instead of a demure dessert plate). Abby kicked her mousse bowl clean and then danced off the ensuing sugar rush until well past her bedtime.
We also had an out of the blue moment while taking a walk to a park. We heard loud, booming music and when we walked out to the main road, we saw a Caribana parade coming our way! In Regina! Who'd have every thought? Abby loved the steel drums and ornate, colourful costumes. She also loved the ring-pop she caught.
It was so touching to see her dote on her Toots (maternal grandfather) so much. She was always asking after him, stuck like glue (or ring pop goop) to his side. They read silly books, and sent each other into long, deep laughs. I felt so complete watching them make each other so happy.
It was a great visit with family, and I was so glad to reconnect with my cousins and aunties and uncles on my Dad's side. I hope it won't be long before we can all come together again!

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