Monday, July 25, 2011

Mrs Independent

My lovah is gone, home to Ottawa and to Quebec for our good friend's wedding. I so wish Abby and I could have gone too! But this is just one of those years where we are (thankfully!) invited to many weddings, so we are dividing and conquering, attending separately to avoid ending up in the poorhouse by Christmas with all the airfare.
He is away for two weeks, and the idea of single parenting it for even two weeks daunts me (I raise the white flag and humbly acknowledge the stellar bravery and strength of actual single mama, you rock!). Thankfully, my mom and sister are flying up on the weekend to vacation with Abby and I, so really Abby and I are only on our own for five days. Which is totally doable. Even if she goes limp when I try to pick her screaming self off the floor and put her in her bed for nap times.
Rich is already missed after only being gone a few hours. I know, and I embrace my codependency. But it's made me take stock of all the "blue" jobs I am proud to be able to accomplish.
My friend wrote a really funny post years ago about blue jobs and pink jobs. Blue jobs are those household chores that boys do and the rest are pink.
Since Rich is away, I tackled a blue job today: mowing the lawn. It doesn't look as good as when he does it, but still. It's pretty and it's done.
I then sat and had a tea and thought about the many blue jobs I do, and proudly. Rich will attest to being the un-handy one, but he definitely picks up the slack by vacuuming, laundry and cleaning the bathrooms. But I like the fix-it jobs. This weekend, I fixed the wood corner board coming off of our kitchen island. And I put a new screen in the window Skylar jumped through last week on a rainy day, inviting herself into a dry house when no one was home to do it for her.
I usually am the designated car-washer, and driveway-shoveller, because I enjoy the monotony and instantly gratifying work. I am the light-bulb replacer, the contractor hire-er (because I do not repair fences or paint bathrooms myself), the dishwasher fixer, the plugged-up sink unplugger and the gardener.
I like the life-long learning that comes with owning a home. There are always projects to do, and I really enjoy learning to do them, especially when it means saving some money by doing it ourselves.
Have fun Rich, but hurry home--we miss you!

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