Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Love List

Things I'm loving about being Abby's mom lately:

- Her developing musical preferences. This morning over PBJ toast she asked me to flick past the Swell Season and pump up the Regina Spector.
- Insisting that each morning is worth celebrating (amen, sister!), so we light a candle over our breakfast. Then she usually sings Happy Birthday.
- I love when she carefully selects a book to read, after running her little finger along all of the book spines, finding exactly the right one. I love it more when she adds commentary. "It's OK, bird, don't cry!"
- Taking 30 minutes to walk about 500m, because it's raining and one should certainly stop to jump in every puddle, throw rocks in it, and test its depth with sticks.
- When she reminds me to praise her after using the potty, while I'm distracted with quickly emptying the pot into the toilet lest she try to do it herself.
- Her little arm wrapping itself around my neck as I lay my head next to hers to sing her night-night songs.

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