Monday, July 11, 2011


I returned to the woods for an after-dinner walk with Skylar. It's been awhile. The new job has taken most of my free evenings captive, and on those I don't work I've preferred to stay home.
Tonight's dinner left me full and sluggish. The sun was high and warm, but not hot. I figured a walk would do me some good.
I was amazed at how colourful it was when I looked, really looked at the forest. In the winter, everything comes in shades of white, grey, dark brown and blue. Today's palette covered all the basis.
Blue lupines poking their heads up from peach-fuzz stems. Purple fireweed dancing in the wind over red stems. Orange pine needles all over the floor. Yellow butterflies here and there. Yellow-bright greens through the spectrum to deep, luscious dark greens. A blue sky without clouds. White dandelion fluffs. It was all there for me to take in, if I stopped.
So I did, every now and then. Stopped to see it, see the forest, see it in its prime fertile, vivacious beauty.
I must remember to conjure this later when my world comes in greys, whites and blues. For now, I bask in the sun's generous ambiance and celebrate all the life it brings about.


  1. Hi Sarah,

    I started reading your blog after I saw it on Facebook and I have to say, you are such a talented writer! I really enjoy reading about your adventures and hope that you continue to write because you have a real gift.



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