Thursday, July 28, 2011

Busy Week

Alright, so Mrs Independent may be able to keep the flowers watered and the rail on Abby's toddler bed from falling off again, but updating le blog has fallen by the wayside. Single mama-ing, the job, and getting ready for guests to visit has left little time for quiet thought and reflection with a cup of tea and a laptop. It's crazy but I actually have to schedule in a shower today on my planner so I remember to do it and space it so I'm not going to work with a wet drowned-rat hairdo.
Abby's been...sensitive with Rich's absence. Testing her limits, testing how far the elastic band of my sanity will stretch before it snaps. She's also got a molar poking through, and throw in the odd babysitter just to confuse her routine and Abby is clingy and ready to cry at the drop of a hat, or sippy cup.
I've been trying to stick to her predictable routine, visiting parks she knows and having rests and food at regular times of day. We've also had adventures to the used book store, climbing a big dirt pile and chasing squirrels in the forest (not the forest with the recently-spotted grizzle, the sparse one behind the park).
We've been having fun together, and I appreciate the mama-Abby bonding time we're getting. I catch myself wishing the days away until my mom and sister arrive this weekend, even though I'm usually very carpe diem. I am forgiving of myself, because I am best at parenting as part of a team, and we both miss Rich! Come home soon!

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  1. hope your weeks have calmed down a bit and that you're enjoying more of your mama-abby bonding time :)


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