Sunday, June 26, 2011

Yukon Girl

I love having a Yukon kid so much. From day one, she has been ingrained with a kind of hearty, resistant and unstoppable strength, and I definitely believe it's because the Yukon blood flows through her veins. She has never told me she feels cold, and that has to come from taking daily walks, even at -25, since she was but a couple weeks old. She loves running toward a lake, full steam ahead, because its thawed liquid beauty calls her so. She can identify moose, ptarmigan, fox and Dall sheep by sight, because that is the wildlife she knows best. She was raised on moose meat, and thinks talking to a dead arctic char head is about the greatest fun on earth.
My Yukon girl loves the outdoors, warm or cold, sunny or dark. Right now, she is loving the emergence of the Yukon flora and fauna, and is making new friend with the butterflies and bees.
Yesterday I took her to the lake for lunch with some of our friends, and she literally scooped up mud from the shore and tried to eat it. She loves this place so much she would eat its abundant soil. Gross, but romantic, I say.
Cheers (with apple juice in a sippy cup) to my Yukon girl. May her hearty strength and unshakable passion for the outdoors never be extinguished.

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