Monday, June 13, 2011

You've Got Mail

Here in Whitehorse, our postal works have just taken their turn in the national rotating postal strike. I saw their picket line the other day as I drove down to pick up some specialty teas with Abby. When I saw them, I felt an unexpected wave of emotion. Then again, I shouldn't have been surprised: I always feel inspired when I see a group of people boldly declaring, "I believe in this." It may sound silly, but things like this make me feel slightly patriotic, thankful that I live somewhere this kind of expression and politics is acceptable.
Alright, maybe the possibility of the Stanley Cup returning to Canada and the coming of Canada Day is making me a little go-Canada lately. That and the new royal couple will be in my hometown on Canada Day: how cool is that?
In the meantime, I am glad the postal strike took effect before it could inconvenience me, of course. I had Father's Day and birthday gifts to send off to Ottawa, and I'm glad they are now en route.
I have always been glad to use the postal service, even in an age of electronic mail and instant messaging. I know my grama appreciates a nice hand-written card or letter from me every now and again. I think more than just those who lived through the Depression do as well. It takes extra effort and isn't very time-efficient, but who doesn't love sending and receiving mail for pleasure?
I love sending my friends cards and notes from up here. Even if it means that by the time it gets there, all the gossip and info has already been transported.
The cheap thrill of receiving mail has not left my spirit since I was a little girl who got postcards and letters in the mail from far away places. I still love the magic of holding something between my hands that was held by the sender many miles away. I love imagining an industrial production line taking my online purchase off of some giant warehouse shelf, putting it in a package with my name emblazoned on the top, and sending it up and away into the sky to reach my mailbox.
I will keep sending hand-written thank yous, and I will continue to send Abby's artwork to her grandparents, because they love it so much (or tell me they do).
I, for one, am completely appreciative of the postal system. I may not need it to correspond will billing companies. I do not depend on it for business. It is an international game to me, an activity of leisure that I willingly participate in for the sheer trill of getting letters and parcels in the mail. I love the mail for that Christmas-y birthday feeling of knowing that somewhere, someone sat and thought of me long enough to put something together, put it in the mail, and send it up to the Yukon.

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