Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Wearing of the Green

I used to love buying these Bolthouse Farm bottled smoothies that were dark green in colour and promised to be full of awesome fruits and veggies. They were, and I enjoyed how green and gross they looked. One day while I was knocking one back in the car, my Greek aunt reached for it, inspected it, handed it back and quipped, "no wonder you like it, it's full of sugar."
Deflation. I didn't buy them as often and any attempt to make it myself at home left me disappointed in a smoothie that tasted like gross vegetables, looked like swamp water, and left me with a blender mess to clean up.
I've always incorporated smoothies into our diet around here. Every couple of days we'll have one that's usually frozen berries, Greek yogurt, orange juice, flax seeds and a bit of spinach. Good, reliable, tasty and healthy. And sugar-free!
Recently, I started reading the blog, "Oh She Glows", and this girl kept writing about these green monster smoothies she makes. From the pictures she posted, they looked a vibrant green, and she promised they were healthy, sugar-free (and in her case, vegan). I figured if they were as easy as she promised, and as nutritious as she said, I could try again.
My first attempt included blueberries, so it turned out looking like swamp water. But it tasted good! Yesterday I tried a new combination and we struck healthy smoothie gold! (or, green)
I combined 2 cups of spinach, a tablespoon of ground flax seed, a cup of frozen mango chunks, a couple spoons of Greek yogurt, about a cup of orange juice and pressed, "smoothie" on our blender.
"Go, mama!" cried Abby. My little kitchen cheerleader.
It looked a vibrant shade of green, it tasted sweet and I swear I could taste the vitamin C. Deelish! Abby was a fan, too:

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  1. look at her sweet face! I'll have to try this! Thanks for the recipe~!


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