Wednesday, June 1, 2011

We Potty Hard

I try to stay away from writing much about parenting. I haven't parented before, I'm by no means an expert, and anytime I go to a playgroup I'm sick of talking about parenting for a good few days anyways.
It is a major part of my day and the bulk of what I do, given Abby's young age, so it manages to find its way into my writing here and there, of course.
I have to share what we've been up to if not to relate then to at least expel this all-consuming obsession I was having with potty training.
I was nervous to start. I had found a nice rhythm with Abby and I really didn't want to interrupt it with harried sprints to the potty in the middle of Extra Foods with a half-full grocery cart left in the cereal aisle.
I didn't want to mess up her sleep, because we've been blessed with such a good, sleep-oriented kid.
I mostly didn't want to give myself more work, because I am prone to being self-indulgent and a little lazy, to be honest!
So you can see I built up a little anxiety over it. I knew Abby was ready, and I chastised myself that waiting any longer would only make it harder as she became set in her ways, and I in mine.
I'm four days in and like most parenting tasks I've tackled, it wasn't that bad.
I am getting a little stir crazy, though.
The last few days I have been sticking close to home, or rather, the potty.
I didn't want coffee dates and trips to the park spent changing wet undies or, worse, toting an actual potty around with me.
I often cringe a bit when my mommy friends make Facebook status updates about potty training. "2 pees and one poop today, yahoo!" just seemed a little TMI and a little self-depreciating to me. Today, I cannot deny how consuming a task it is. Potty training is the boss of our house right now. It dictates so much of what we do, but I can see we're making progress back toward the world of the living and spontaneous again.
Abby has picked up the idea and is learning her body cues, which is really what I'm trying to make it about. She's learning to hold it, and to save it for the potty, not a pile in the pantry closet.
She's done pretty well, I must say. And I am proud of being a patient Zen mama through the accidents, near-misses and false starts. I have kept my cool and tried hard to keep it a positive milestone for her.
Now, I am getting antsy. I miss my friends, whom I haven't seen much of anyway, and I miss the freedom of walks, hikes, parks. Abby is almost ready to move to the next phase and actually wear pants over her undies and leave the house to go places. I know there will be accidents, she'll feel bad, and I'll change a lot of outfits. That's the way I expect it to go. I just have to take the next step and try it!
So, if you've stayed with me until this point, I applaud all parents for potty-training their kids. I consider this another mom stripe earned, and add it to my sash, girl guide-style.


  1. Hurray Abby!

    I am totally the parent who puts it up on facebook, but when it is such an all consuming activity I have to celebrate its success!

    Now you have to work on peeing outside! Cavan would rather pee outdoors on rock or tree than inside on the toilet any day.

    I now leave the house without diapers for the first time in four years. I love it!

  2. You can't let it change life so much - just roll with it, and get out! worst that can happen? a sudden stop at the side of the road for a #2, that ends up all over your shoes (speaking from experience).... be sure you always have extra shoes for yourself on hand, along with extra clothes for Abby!!

  3. Go Abby! And I love the bit about Facebook status true. And well done Mama! You deserve to celebrate!

  4. I am terrified of this step too also (partly) because I am lazy and self indulgent.


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