Friday, June 24, 2011

Selective amnesia

Fireweed bloom in my backyard

I'm feeling like I'm in a strange, dysfunctional relationship these days. I stayed with someone who made me tired and lethargic, gloomy and hungry. I didn't eat as well, I didn't exercise as much, and I felt like I was always waiting for tings to get better so I could get out and live. That someone is the Yukon, and old man winter was hard on me this year.
Now, like any dysfunctional relationship, I forget all about the bad times. Long ago are dark days of winter, cold, snotsicles and shoveling.
For summer is here. The fireweed are blooming. The sky is clear and blue. My garden is in and thriving. The days are long, and I haven't seen stars in weeks. I feel a renewed vigour, more energy and passion, more creative forces swimming about. I am soaking up the sun, my air is getting lighter while my skin looks consistently flushed. I read, eat, lounge and play with Abby outdoors.
We had our annual solstice barbecue Tuesday, and the rainy clouds gave way to parting sunlight just in time for about 45 of our Yukon friends to join us for grilled meat and a pot luck spread of delicious food. I relished in the chance to say hi and hug friends I hadn't seen much through the winter. We all had babies to care for, colds to nurse, frigid temperatures from which to stay indoors and insulate. It felt like a real marking of time, a celebration that indeed summer is here and we've earned it, baby.
We don't know how long it's going to last, but we're not even going there. It's summer now, and that's all that matters.

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