Thursday, June 2, 2011

My Hope

It's intangible. It's incredibly difficult. It's a pattern. It's a choice. It's looking up, not down. It's holding on. It's a promise. It's a credo. It's a way to get through the tough stuff, and I could never let it go.
I know for some, it is easiest to let go of hope. I guess they feel that if they don't have hope, they can't be disappointed. Maybe that's true. If you don't have very high expectations, then meeting them isn't hard. Maybe it's easier to accept the tough stuff, the bad days, the sad news, when you never had any hope for better.
I wouldn't know.
I need hope. Hope gets me through. Hope is my answer, at the end of the day, when I've got no explanations left.
Hope is my soft place to fall, and I naively put all my eggs in hope's basket. I may be disappointed yet, but so far I've still got it. It may seem silly to keep holding onto hope, and I will say with certainty that it is harder. I'm not in this for an easy out, though.
Hope isn't a religion. It's not my guru or my shepherd. Hope is my light. Hope is my energy. Hope dances beside me and through me when I am asking tough questions. Hope gives me a good slap in the face when I start heading the other way and then, stunned, I still say, "thanks, I needed that."
Hope is my calling. Hope is my cult and I will unquestioningly drink it's Kool Aid. Hope is my mother and ancestry. Hope is my heart's song and divining principle. Hope is an unconditional love; it will never leave me.
Hope is here with me and lies beside me at night. Hope is with me when I make breakfast in the morning. Hope isn't something I'm working towards. Hope is here now. Hope isn't a destination. Hope is the route I'm taking on my journey.
I know that along with hope, I've got a lot of friends and family on my cheering squad, and that gives me great strength and comfort. I want you to know I feel it, thank you.
Hope is my beckoning call, and though it is sometimes loud and sometimes a murmur, I know it is unfailingly ready for me to call on it.

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  1. Hope is also also a sweet, old-fashioned girls name. :) Love this sentiment, and this post.


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