Sunday, June 19, 2011

Mama and the Papas

Today, it's raining. When Rich woke up, opened his card and gift, and I drew open the blinds, he smiled, "It's a perfect Father's Day." Rainy days mean staying under blankets, slowly sipping warm drinks, and watching whatever you want on TV. A perfect Day for Rich. We left the house to go eat brunch at our fave brekkie spot, and we all salivated for our greasy spoon eggs, bannock, ham, bacon, toast and hash browns. And once we returned, we closed the door, prepared to hibernate with each other.
The house is filled with the smell of the red wine vinegar marinade for our bison roast supper tonight. Though the windows are open and fresh air is welcome to come or go, the bison, and now the zucchini loaf I just pulled out are the only smells that sit in the air. Give me a couple of hours and the smell of strawberry-rhubarb pie will join the mix.
Rich is downstairs playing XBox with some of his Dad friends, relishing in a day without a to-do list. Nobody is asking him to fix anything, clean anything, take anyone anywhere, or hop to it. I know he is loving the scene we've set for him, especially when a certain curly-haired girl in a party dress runs full steam into his arms for a giggly hug and sloppy kiss.Though the day is subdued, and there is very little fanfare, we are celebrating his daddy greatness. Since Day 1 he has been a Dad to go down in history as one of the greats. I'm so glad today has given us a chance to slow down and make the effort to remark on his greatness.
I'm also glad I have a dad in the house to dote on, as mine is so far away.
We'll "see" each other on Skype, of course, but it won't be the same as going to settle into the crook between his shoulder and neck for a long cuddle. Or having a perfect cup of tea, or hiding a fart simulator under my sister's chair and setting it off throughout dinner. He is my biggest cheerleader, and he's always been my protector, ready to swoop in and save me from harm's way. Or sometimes, when I've been up against a foe he couldn't fight, he has flown up at a moment's notice to stand beside me as I fight.
He has always fostered my love for water, and I have been lucky enough to share lots of underwater memories with him, like dolphins, sea turtles and scary night dives, holding hands.

This is us in Turks and Caicos before a dive

He is an excellent "Toots" to Abby, and it has made me so happy to give him a granddaughter to dote on. Which he does!

Happy Father's Day, dudes!

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