Thursday, June 16, 2011

Lunch at the Lake

I hope today's memories return to me in those moments when I breathe out deeply, put my feet up, and reflect on what a fortunate, beautiful life I have.
This afternoon, I sat on my beach blanket, leaning back on my elbows, watching my growing girl pace back and forth along the shore. The water was glistening under the high noon sun, and reflected to us in a vibrant turquoise body of water. It was clear and cool and inviting.
Abby's fat little feet turned wrinkly, she stayed in the water so long. Walking back and forth, flicking the water with sticks. Sometimes I would catch her just standing, looking out at the lake with the most Zen expression on her two-year-old face. It was my soul mirrored in hers, and we were both thinking, "Oh yeah, this is the life."
We went for a picnic lunch and hot dog roast at Long Lake with friends, and I could have stayed all day. Everyone found their happy place for the day. We found a great fire pit with all sizes of twig and log ready to be fuel. There was no one around. Skylar jumped right in and chased every stick in we threw. A flurry of beautiful yellow butterflies danced all around us, it kind of looked like a hallucination. We ate a gourmet spread of cheese, red pepper jelly, cookies, melons, pears, hot dogs, chickpea salad and granola bars, all home made. I truly believe everything tastes better when eaten outside. And it tastes divine when eaten alongside the shore.
We were all swept over with sun, cooled down with sporadic breezes. We had nothing to worry about, but plenty to celebrate. It was the kind of celebration best marked not by noise, dance or laughter, but by quiet smiles, deep breaths and a feeling of being totally present. Major carpe diem at the lake today.
I thought to myself, "I really live here. This is my place. I am sitting at a lake 10 minutes from my house, with clean water, pristine wilderness, and no one else is here. Just my friends, my dog, and my water-loving little girl."

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