Tuesday, June 7, 2011

In the Woods

Usually, remembering to take Skylar for a walk feels like another chore to do in a day. Some days she gets neglected, and to many other "to-dos" top her in the priority sequence. Luckily, she is pretty forgiving of most everything we do to her, or forget to do. (I knew she was a great dog when she would let a naked Abby claw the inside of her eyelids to get a better grip in climbing over her).
Lately though, I've found ways to make a walk in the woods enjoyable for everyone. Once we get to the border of neighbourhood and nature path, I can unhook Skylar's leash and watch her fly through the bush, tearing in and out of the tall trees. She gets good exercise darting in and out, chasing trees, fetching thrown sticks, and running back and forth when I call for her.
Abby is happy to go for a short walk in the woods. She mimics Skylar's enthusiasm and begins tearing in and out of the brush. She stops to inspect ants marching, honey bees collecting pollen, berries that look enticing, and flowers that look like they need picking. She almost always walks with her fists closed tightly around dandelion stems, a stick, or a fallen twig with leaves still on it. While the two of us take our time squatting down to investigate a curious something further, Skylar happily weaves her way through the woods, or chases chipmunks, or stops to chew a tasty stick.
Abby enamours Skylar, so sometimes she enjoys chewing on a stick too. I think she looks like such a little goof with bark bits and wood chips falling from her mouth. I can only take comfort in the continued existence of our appendix, and am glad Abby's is getting some work these days.
Abby walks a good distance, maybe a kilometer or more, and Skylar probably runs four times that, with her back and forth-ing. And the mama gets some fresh air, a daily welcoming from the tree sprites, and a toddler's-eye view admiration for all things big and small in the woods.

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  1. lovely last picture Sarah. Your walks sound so nice and enjoyable.


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