Monday, June 20, 2011

Good eatin'

These days 'round here, the Yukoners are eatin' well. It is summer: the fruits stand on Black Street is open, and calls me for a Sunday morning love affair. I bring Abby along (while Dad check out giant TVs at Audiotronic: he's nuts if he thinks he can convince me we need one anytime in the near future). We are equally matched in our excitement, Abby and I: organic fruits! Plentiful root vegetables! A whole bulk wall of sugar-free staples! Abby picked out two Ambrosi apples to carry around, while I danced to and fro, filling my basket with rhubarb stalks, zucchini, grapes, berries, pumpkin seeds and yams.
A kind old woman stopped me to share how wonderful she thought it was that I brought Abby, and how nice it was to see her shared excitement for produce. I agree, and smiled, and felt great. I love how much Abby loves food, and I love ho easy it's been to include her in my appreciation for and preparation of nummy foods.
We celebrated the day away by turning our finds into treats. We made sugar-free, whole grain zucchini bread, which turned out fantastic. I love when things turn out after I anticipate it all day long. Saves the floors from being stomped on.We also made strawberry-rhubarb pie and trail mix. (Abby thinks trail mix is really a treasure hunt, where you go through the bowl picking out all of the chocolate chips and cheerios). The pie filling was delicious, and marked the first time I baked with real rhubarb (and not the canned stuff). I tried a Clean Eating pie crust (whole grains and no lard) and it tasted...healthy and yucky. Like tough cardboard. I'll have to keep scouring my cookbooks and the Internet for a healthy pie crust that doesn't suck.I am really loving pictures of food lately!
And I'm happy to say I've already booked a room in Dawson City for when my mom and sister are up in August, Abby and I worked on floating at the pool this morning, and I fixed up my punchy pink toenail polish this afternoon watching Oprah re-runs. Stay-at-home mom life really rocks in the summertime!


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