Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Goober the Machine Cat

Goober the machine cat doesn't always get a lot of recognition around here. Our shelter rescue cat slides in and out of the scene on his schedule, and participates in the family action when he pleases. He sleeps a lot, and avoids Abby's over-enthusiastic love hugs. He sleeps between my head and Rich's at night, and curls up with me for a nap from time to time. He reminds me to feed him when I haven't, and greets me every morning by running in and out of my legs as I groggily stumble down the stairs simultaneously trying to avoid stepping on him or falling.
But he is our cat, and we love him. I caught him this morning following a teensy bug around the house, menacing the poor bug with his soft paws, batting him around for pleasure. Simple things amuse simple minds, but who is the simple one when I'm stooping to photograph him and a bug?
Ode to Goober, we love you, you crazy cat.

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