Saturday, May 28, 2011

Summer is coming

I know summer is on our doorstep because there's an extra bit of energy in the air. It makes the plants grow fast, my smile spread wider, and the sparkling waters of Yukon lakes entrancing.
The days are long, and the hours of sun give my to-do list much more space in which to be accomplished. I am finding more reasons to eat, play, rest and work outside.
Activities with Abby are all free again: parks, picnics, outdoor concerts, walks on Main Street. The sun's commitment to stay awhile longer gives us more time to reconnect, find warmth and joy in each other, and dance the days away.
We have worked hard to get here: weathering eight-month winters, snowstorms that caught me by surprise, dark skies and cool winds.
Now, it is time to celebrate. There is a bounty of beautiful, fresh food at my grocery store. My neighbours and friends are all outdoors again after hibernating, ready to greet us. We eat outside because it tastes better that way, it feels better to be out, like we're escaping and we better soak it up now.
Which is true, with seasons of course. Summer is finite, and we're on the edge of it's exploding arrival.
I am all about the carpe diem, sucking the marrow out of the days, finding that in every moment I feel like summer.
Bring on the tourists, the road trips, the ice cream cones, the freezing lakes, the sandy shoes, the smell of coconut sunscreen, the car washes, the garage sales, the oversize sunglasses, the flowing skirts, the backyard kiddie pools, the colourful cooking, the tropical drinks, the highlights in my hair, and the joyful song in my heart that welcomes the entrance of summer, and respite from the cold, darkness.

Long live the lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer, at long last.


  1. You know winters are long in the north when your kid looks at you and says, "Why are you wearing those funny pants, Mom?" when you put shorts on.

    Hurray for summer in the north!!

  2. Thank God for summer! I intend on squeezing every single second out of it!


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