Saturday, May 7, 2011

A Saturday Morning Post

Let me set the scene:
It's a lovely Saturday morning, and the high sun is already pouring in the front bay windows and through the stained glass front door, which throws rainbows onto the walls (in which Abby delights). The house smells like bacon. I took the happy opportunity to wake up at my normal hour, before everyone else woke up after a late night. I sat in quiet, read some of my favourite blogs, and watered the herbs. When I could hear a soft little voice reciting stories from her bedroom, I started the bacon in the fry pan before I climbed the stairs. I smiled the closer I got to her door, preparing to let laughter, loud exclamations and music replace the quiet start of Saturday morning.
We all ate our breakfast together, which is a treat. Abby requested her ye-yo (oatmeal, not the illicit street drug), and Rich asked for scrambled eggs. I flipped the bacon, turned on the kettle, cracked the eggs, and set the radio to the Top 100 station. (When I was little the soundtrack to every Saturday was Rick Dee's Top 40). Rich started his coffee (I love the aroma of coffee and wish I could wear it as a perfume). Abby danced to her favourite songs with her rainbow skipping rope. Over the sizzle of bacon and the thickening of eggs and milk, I heard the sounds of a happy household and thought to myself how wonderful this Saturday morning is.
We are in no rush today. We are treated to an empty Saturday, ours to fill with walks, trips to the park, grilled cheese sandwiches and sidewalk chalk as we see fit.
Thank goodness. :)

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