Sunday, May 1, 2011

A Patchwork Quilt

"Ah," I say, prolonging the sigh, stretching my arms up and preparing to nestle my backside into a comfy reading chair at the end of a Sunday. It's been that kind of a satisfying weekend where being absorbed by an overstuffed reading chair is the perfect way to close the chapter that would be entitled something all-encompassing like , "A Patchwork Quilt."
This weekend was busy and full and gave everyone in my house a reason to feel accomplished, loved and like the richest people in the world.
It was a Friday night where three ladies reunited because we were overdue for a real lounge-and-eat-popcorn watching Sister Wives evening. We entertained no pretense, and all arrived in whatever was comfortable, ready to cackle and hug and share the secrets of friendship only women with really good friends can understand.
It was a family walk to the grocery store on a crisp and clear morning for staples no one but me cared about. We took our time, letting Abby slow down the pace to get out of her stroller and investigate whether the brown lumps on the side of the trail were "poop" or "muddies."
It was washing the car, even though it was wickedly windy and my hands went numb as soon as the extra-cold hose water touched them. I couldn't take the accumulated, caked-on mud anymore, and I refused to take ol' Red down to the coin wash when I could suck it up and do it myself, so I did. And now it sparkles its cherry coat again and I love my getaway car more now because it's clean.
It was kneading, rising and baking pizza dough, to be topped and shared with friends who couldn't have been happier to forego making dinner while her husband is away. And now that Abby is 27 months old, she loves playing with other kids, and not just beside them. So her and her friend ran around trying on necklaces and taking each other's toys while the mamas sat and sipped tea. And nothing is as satisfying as sipping tea after eating a big meal.
It was going out for breakfast for no other reason than because it was a treat. Abby downed a whole cup of orange juice and was off the wall with the sugar rush. She also peed through two diapers in three hours after that liquid intake. We ate greasy spoon breakfast, and then were good suburbanites and went to Canadian Tire for yard work supplies.
It was using said yard work supplies to rake the front lawn, take out old bushes, and shovel up dog poop in the backyard while Abby ran around blowing bubbles and "helping."
Then it was taking a break to notice that all the neighbour's kids were out and slowly starting to coalesce into one giant kid play time. The mamas and daddies happily obliged and we all stood back making small talk and collectively thanking mother nature for such a beautiful warm Sunday after eight (EIGHT) months of winter.
It was finally getting to a secondhand bookstore to build Abby's book collection and track down some titles I am wanting to re-read (The Bluest Eye by Toni Morrison and Their Eyes Were Watching God by Zora Neale Hurston). Among others, I was really happy to pick out Charlotte's Web to read to Abby. I so look forward to the time when she has the attention span to lie in bed and listen to me read her a chapter a night of this, one of my most favourite books.
So that, in a patchwork-quilt assembly, are the squares and pieces of our perfectly satisfying weekend.
This totally looks like Abby is holding out the camera taking a
MySpace-style self-portrait, and that's why I love it.


  1. and let's not forget "stalking" people in parking lots :-)

  2. Hey! That's not just a weekend occurrence! :)

  3. it happens daily? (hehehe)


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