Thursday, May 19, 2011

Mangoes for Breakfast

My little sunshine is so happy in the mornings. When I crack open the door to her room, I am usually greeted with an, "Oh! Mommy!", a smile, and a gibberish recounting of her thoughts from the previous night. I open her curtains, and we slowly start the day with Skylar's body being used as Abby's pillow, while I change her diaper.
Today , she slept in a bit, and when she woke up she was just in a funk: crying, whining, congested, trying to cry louder but impeded by the difficulty of breathing with all that extra snot in there.
Neither Skylar nor her mama could console her, so I left her to wake up slowly on her own. I felt so bad for her, because I was sure she'd prefer to wake up happy and healthy, too.
I went into the kitchen and knew what to do:
I peeled and cut a mango, so she could get some Vitamins A and C to fight off this cold. I toasted some of our homemade bread and put honey and cinnamon on it, to make up for the calcium she'd miss out on with milk. (When one of us is congested, I cut out dairy so the afflicted can have an easier time flushing out the boogies). I got sippy cups of water at the ready so she could sip on them all morning and start flushing out the cold.
This morning was loud, whiny and out of the ordinary, but it reminded me how prevalent our shift has been from medicine to food. Instead of going to the cupboard for drugs, I went in and got the eucalyptus-olive oil rub I made to spread over her little chest, like a homemade Vicks Vaporub. Instead of giving her cough syrup or some homeopathic anti-cold medicine, I gave her food with the right vitamins to help her out.
I felt a little tickle in my throat, so instead of cough drops or Robitussin, I gargled warm salt water, and had a warm cup of tea with honey, and my throat feels much better.
I'm learning a lot about what food can do to help us when our immune systems might need a helping hand. It makes me feel a much more researched and prepared mama to know that with a stocked fridge and pantry, I can help fix so many maladies.


  1. LOVE this post! I'm all about using food as your pharmacy..its amazing how the body can heal itself with just a little help from nature.

  2. I may have been inspired by your latest post... :)

  3. Love this Sarah! What a great idea mom! We are sick this week and I woke up with such swollen glands I actually said "I need to go to the walk in clinic" (I never go to the doctor ha) but instead I went to shoppers and stocked up on vitamins for us (multi, C, and D - cause we were out of D) some echanecia lollipops for S, and I had green tea with honey when I got home. Oh and some homeopathic cold busting stuff for the girls too...did not even occur to me to add cinnamon, honey and mango to our diet. We do plenty of oranges and orange juice and non dairy smoothies when a cold comes...and I got back into cooking with garlic. I haven't been cooking with it much and I swear thats why we all got sick ;) haha. I'll have to read Kathryn's post, I'm much more into curing with food. Thanks for the inspiration


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