Friday, May 27, 2011

Dance to the Music

I was given the gift of music in my house when I was growing up, and I am thrilled to pass it on to Abby.
I started in utero. She would kick back at me when I played Coldplay's Yellow over headphones on my swollen belly, and that song is now one of her lullabies. These days, we dance for breakfast, bop through lunch, and get our sillies out via insane-looking body shakes after dinner to some up-tempo beats. She sings her alphabet, puts her thoughts to a tune, and hums jibberish little ditties I so love. Abby loves music and I love it right along with her.
When she was five months old and we were home in Ottawa, my dad's stage band put on a free outdoor show at a farmer's market one Sunday morning, so my mother-in-law and I took Abby down. She bopped in her sling, and nursed under a tree to a beautiful rendition of Take Five, and Live music in a park on a beautiful summer day with my baby: life is pretty great, I thought. I vowed to continue giving Abby the gift of music as she grew.
I say it is a gift because it is something that can be given. It is something we choose to integrate into our lives, and a means of expression I want Abby to know. Right now, she is upstairs in her room singing a repetitive, high-pitched melody in her bed while she is supposed to be napping. It is music to my ears.
In Whitehorse during the summer, we are extremely fortunate to be treated to live, free concerts in the park nearly every weekday from May until August. The season has just kicked off again this year, so today for lunch Abby and I brown-bagged it and brought ourselves down to arts in the park for some live music. (The best kind!)
There are typically local musicians performing, and today was a double-header: a female singer-songwriter with a beautiful bird-like melodic voice (names Crystal Dawn, how Yukon hippie is that?), and a duo that included a banjo.
Abby was hardly by my side for a breath. She was up dancing with the other little ones, running in circles, bumping into each other, laughing and two-stepping all over the lawn. She carried a dandelion in one hand and a piece of lunch in the other, fixated on the musicians on stage. I can't be sure she got much food down the hatch, she was so enthralled (and this is a kid who LOVES food).
We were joined by some friends she greeted and shared her enthusiasm with. Between songs, she applauded appropriately and yelled with great glee, "Wow! Music!"
As her mama, I couldn't have been more in love with her: running with her dandelion, free-style dancing to some great live music in the park on a sunny Friday at lunch.


  1. Awww, I really wanted to be there today, but couldn't get enough time away from work meetings! Krystal Dawn and Rose Kirchner both have such wonderful voices, although so different from each other. I bet it was a great pairing! I think Jack Pine would be the banjo player with Rose.

    Love the pic of Abby! Maybe we'll see you in the park next week.

  2. You got it Fawn! Thanks for filling in my blanks :)

  3. Loved Rose Kirchner!!! I'd love to check her out again. Yes, it was an awesome day, thanks for inviting us along.


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