Sunday, May 15, 2011

Back from the Cabin

We're all back from the cabin with sore backs, smiles on our faces, and the ability to sit together without saying a word because we are so satisfied.
We had a rough hike in. Lesson learned: sometimes a short cut comes with some added complications that make it not-so-short when you are knee-deep in mud, and have a kid strapped to your back crying, "I want to go home!"
We ventured in with another family of three, and I'm impressed that none of us lost it. Everyone stayed pretty calm and united in our quest to reach the cabin come hell or, in our case, high water.
Once we arrived, the rewards presented themselves immediately.
The mountains at the cabin are the closest I have ever felt to God. I'm not one for writing about my spirituality (because it's so personal and complicated), but I will say that these mountains leave me speechless, with a small tear welling in my eyes (that I try to hide from everyone) and a feeling of instant serenity.
This trip to the cabin has left me singing the praises of family lovin'.
I bonded hard with my little mountain girl. We cuddled up close at night in our bunk, and I was lulled into deep sleeps to the sound of her light, airy breaths. We fought against nature together on our hike in, and later we rejoiced as we ran along the rocky shore, free.
One afternoon, I sat on the smooth pebbles on shore and watched as she ceaselessly threw stone after stone into the turquoise water for her best friend, Skylar, to retrieve. She wouldn't relent, even for bribes of candy. To see her undying love for the water made my heart sing. I swear, I was mere moments away from my very heart swelling and bursting out of me in the form of sunbeams all over that lake. Sounds messy, I know, but it was a great feeling.
I fell in love all over again with my one and only. We held hands and rubbed each other's backs, and forgot about everything going on in real life. We returned to being just us two, our family's foundation.
At night, when the kids were asleep, we stayed up playing board games, giggling, and eating treats. I laughed so hard my sides hurt. I haven;t been so carefree and happy in a long time.
Now, we're home, and I hope it isn't long before I am back at the cabin, back in the mountains, being reminded to keep looking at the big picture.


  1. Love it, we are heading in the last weekend in May and I am already itching to go

  2. Oh, wonderful, Sarah! I'm so happy that you got to have such a wonderful getaway. Hold onto that serenity as long as you can!

  3. That's a beautiful picture of you three.

  4. Thank you! I remembered to actually take pictures this time, and I'm glad I did! Brought a little piece of heaven home with me.


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