Tuesday, May 10, 2011


From time to time I have met great friends and found great support in sharing with people I've never met, and that is part of the appeal of blogging, to me. You'll recall I started this blog when living in the isolated northern town of Ross River (population 250-ish), and it was a great social outlet when there weren't otherwise many for me!
Since taking the plunge and deciding to share some of the tougher stuff I've been going through on my blog, I have been rewarded with great connections to other women who have gone/are going through some of the same heartaches.
One of those is through this blog: http://ivfbug.blogspot.com/
And today she awarded me my first blog award, "The Versatile Blogger"! I don't totally understand blog awards, or where they come from, or what they do. But it feels like a warm hug and nod of appreciation, so I'll take it!
As a rule now, I'm to share 10 little-known facts about myself for your entertainment, and perhaps to further prove I am a versatile blogger. Either way, I enjoy lists!

1- I am a descendant of Charles Evans Hughes: An American presidential candidate, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, Secretary of State and Governor of New York.
2- I ask anyone who visits me from down South to please, pretty please, bring cheese curds. I love them so.
3- I broke both bones in my left forearm in sixth grade when I was on top of a cheer-leading pyramid, and then suddenly I wasn't.
4- I started a newspaper at my elementary school called, "St. Francis Speaks," where I was editor-in-chief and key reporter, already knowing what I wanted to do in life.
5- I streaked through my high school with my best friends as our grad prank.
6- I sailed aboard HMCS Calgary on a field assignment for the national defence newspaper.
7- I am a certified scuba diver, and I've dove amongst a pod of dolphins and a few sharks too!
8- I cannot handle milk in the mornings.
9- Growing up, I had a penpal in Santorini, Greece (with whom I've visited and am still friends) and another in Bahrain (have no idea what ever became of her).
10- My maiden name is Scottish and the family motto is, "with prudence prevail", or, in other words, be cocky to get ahead.
My Dad and I doing a buoyancy check diving off of Turks and Caicos in 2007.


  1. Love these little tidbits. How is it that I didn't know #1? That's some awesome lineage!

  2. Kudos to you on your award! Can't believe you swim with sharks - so scary!


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