Sunday, April 10, 2011


I'm always trying to answer myself the question, "In a perfect world, what would I do?" I'm supremely satisfied I'm darn close to living that ideal: staying home with Abby, writing, eating healthy, dates and cuddles with Rich, yoga, walks in the woods, vacations here and there. Sure, I'd love to have more money, and definitely I'd love to be expanding our family, but on any given day I can usually take stock of what's around me and be perfectly satisfied.
You know what I think I'd like more of in my life, though? Words. I'd like to read a greater variety of books and articles that interest me and deserve my time, but expand my periphery, and what I might think about the world around me. (My recommended reading efforts have so far proven a great help in bolstering this plant). I have committed to reading one full news article a day. Sometimes it's local, sometimes it's Canada-wide, and my favourites are topical think-pieces from the New York Times that pique my interest.
On the other end of that stick, I'm working on using more words. Not nagging Rich's ear off with lengthy soliloquies, but finding ways to write with more variety, creativity and muse. This requires much greater discipline than reading, and I am finding it difficult to stay committed. It's one of those activities that is kind of a pain to sit down and do, but immensely satisfying when I have completed a blog post or short story or journal entry where I've managed to employ just the right words.
I know I've repeated these goals before, but it's helpful to remind myself and publish these resolutions, because it helps me hold myself accountable. And, I hope, explains to you why I do what I do and why it's important to me!
What is on your personal improvement to-do list?

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