Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Why I'm Here

It's almost my bed time, and since the time Abby put her not-yet-sleepy head to rest at 7:00, I have been in my kitchen. I made a quick batch of Chocolate Chip Chickpea Cookies (sounds gross but I promise they're good!) and then for the rest of the night I sat in this chair, playing around with and reading through my blog.
When I looked over my shoulder at our kitchen clock and read the time, I chastised myself for foolishly wasting my evening away at my computer. Then I stopped that and realized I enjoy what I'm doing. I enjoy my blog, I enjoy writing, and I've enjoyed learning the ins and outs of complicated html language while I get it looking just right. And because I enjoy it, this is not a night wasted.
Now given all this conversation that's gone on in my head while I listen to CBC radio in the background, I find pause in reflecting on why I'm here. Here, in blogland, that is.
I started my first blog as a journalism student working for the DND newspaper. I had a lot of spare time at that job, and daily blogging gave me a chance to flex my writing muscle and notice more about the world around me as I picked out funny things and observations that might make good blog posts.
I started this one when we moved to Ross River, that isolated and quirky Kaska village four hours northwest of Whitehorse, because I was bored. I found myself largely on my own as Rich busied himself with is new job, and I was desperate for human connection, as well as an excuse to keep writing.
We're no longer in Ross River, of course, and I'm no longer bored as most days I spend discovering things anew through the eyes of my little lady. But I'm still here writing.
I like knowing that somewhere out there, someone is reading what I'm saying. It's gratifying, and gives me a warm feeling of connection, to know that while my house may be quiet as evening sets in, my words are part of a dialogue. I enjoy sharing my thoughts and observations with my friends and family members back home and across the globe, and picking up the conversation a blog post leaves off with a phone call or e-mail. I like the people I've met, both up north and Outside, who read my blog and share with me theirs.
In short, I guess I appreciate the connection this forum gives, and the chance for me to keep writing, regardless of whether or not I'm being paid for writing professionally during daylight hours.
It's not Thanksgiving and it's not New Year's Eve, but tonight has given me a chance to reflect on why I'm here and now I want to tell you, "thank you" for being part of what makes blogging so great.


  1. Community. That's definitely what it's about for me, too. With the added convenience that people can choose a moment that they have, stolen away from every day responsibilities, to visit. That might not work as often with a phone call or a play date. But it works here.

    Mmmm, pass the cookies, please!

  2. I love my blogging community! So much good has come from it and I cannot imagine not blogging or checking on my favorite blogs. I really enjoy your posts. So often you are putting words to feelings that I am having but am unable to express them. You are an amazing writer!

  3. Just wondering if you would share your chickpea chocolate chip cookie recipe as I have a big bag of chickpea flour
    Thanks Jackie


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