Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Walk in the Woods

A few months ago at Skylar's annual veterinary checkup, we got the word that our beloved, goofy retriever was about 10 pounds overweight. This didn't surprise me: this dog's a hoover under Abby's high chair, and she pre-rinses our dishes before they go in the dishwasher. I knew that had to stop, and for the most part it has. (I would always rather Skylar clean up Abby's mealtime mess than me).
I also felt bad we'd let her walks fall by the wayside. In Ross River, Skylar would get a 45-minute off-leash walk in the woods nearly every day, oftentimes with our neigbour's German Shepherd. They'd run back and forth the whole way, come home, and run around the yard for the rest of the afternoon. Skylar was a P90X fitness puppy.
Since moving to town, it's just become normal to squeeze in a Skylar walk whenever, and if, we could. Maybe once a week we'd give her a good walk on the trails in the woods, and the other days we'd go for a quick walk on the street after dinner or, sometimes not at all. Poor fat dog, it really was our fault. I felt bad for being such a lazy steward.
Since February then, either Rich or I have taken Skylar on the 40-minute trail loop nearly everyday. It's a tough hike: It's nearly all uphill, especially this one killer hill that makes me huff and puff and usually stop for a break. This walk also has some beautiful mountain scenery, and I make sure to take it all in each time. It's magnificent, really, and I'm beyond fortunate to have this vast expanse of wilderness a five-minute walk from my cozy mountain home.
At the end of the strenuous, giant, killer hill, I am treated to a beautiful view of my little neighbourhood.

I haven't included pictures in my post for over a year, and on purpose. I wanted my writing to stand alone. Plus, I am not a trained photographer and make do in my daily life with a little Canon point-and-shoot. Recently, however, I thought my posts could use a little life, without sacrificing words.


  1. Wow, what a beautiful place to live! I think your words stand alone just fine on this blog - you're a beautiful writer - but I love this picture. Don't be afraid to post a pic even if you aren't a trained photographer!

  2. this photo is the best part of the walk isn't it? I love your blog with photos and without...but I think the photos add another personal element...that's just me though and I'm quite a visual person.


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