Sunday, April 3, 2011


New Rules to Live By:
1- Do some yoga every day. If it takes 21 days to form a habit, then what an awesome habit this will be! My loose definition of do yoga every day is do something stretchy-strengthy every day, even if it's just doing a few poses I remember that still allow me to face upright and forward so I can watch the finale of Teen Mom. But some days I actually do a full-out yoga video and applaud myself for the effort!
2- If something's uncomfortable, don't wear it. Garage Sale season's coming up and I've got some honest inventory to do. Don't come to my garage sale and look for lingerie, though. It may be uncomfortable, but it's staying!
3- Walk. If I need something at the grocery store in the middle of the week and it's only a 20-minute walk there then heck yes! Walk! This also means when I've transitioned into my sweat pants and ponytail for the evening but notice the dang dog is all ants-in-her-pants because she needs to go for a walk then alright, I'll heave my butt off the couch and take her for a walk, even though I was working on a pretty sweet butt groove.
4- Eat. This is so elementary it's primal, but sometimes I need to remind myself to eat. And not the Easter eggs in my super cute decorative baskets either but actual, nutritious and filling food. Like nut balls! Hahahaha. Nut. Balls.
5- Go See Friends. Sometimes the best way to be a friend is to just show up. Show up at gatherings, make tea dates, offer myself as a walking partner. And who's ever bummed out to be around friends?
6-Read the news. I am ashamed to say it, but I am a journalist who is out of touch. My April 3rd resolution is to read at least one full news article a day (hardly a challenge, but its easier to keep the resolution that way!). This way I'll have more to talk about than cute Abby stories, I'll be much more educated when it comes time to vote, and my brains will be full of less reality-TV mush and more developed, curious thoughts.
I like lists and they help my world make sense. So, there ya go!


  1. I like #5 because even if you are bummed, if you can't be bummed with your friends then who can you be bummed with?? Love you Sarah and I think your rules are awesome. Next time you decide to walk to the store swing by and see me, I'll hand you $4 for milk because there is no way in hell I am walking to the store and back ha ha.

  2. Carol-Ann....hahahaha... I'll walk to the store with you, Sarah (at least until I move). And then maybe once I move, we can meet on a trail somewhere for some walks? Nice list! xox


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