Wednesday, April 6, 2011

No-Spend Days

I've been on this kick lately of counting how many no-spend days we can go before we bust.
When we lived in Ross River, we could easily go a week before I went to the general store to pay for postage, or pick up an ingredient for dinner. Then, once a month (ish), I'd scream down the highway to Whitehorse, drop what seemed like a ridiculous amount of money at Superstore, Wal-Mart and Canadian Tire, and head home with a month's supplies.
Living in Whitehorse means I have the privilege of doing my grocery shopping once a week, and I like it this way. It means I can meal plan, buy healthy produce, and not spend more than I have to.
Of course, there are still things I forget to pick up and buy mid-week at the grocery store. Then we'll be out of milk, since I'm not freezing 4L jugs of it in the deep-freeze anymore. Or I'll realize I have a parcel to send. Or my husband will work overnight and need to refuel at some point at a fast-food or coffee joint.
However I justify it, we are spending money on something almost every day. I don't think this is abnormal, but I do get a little boost and a smack of self-congratulation on our no-spend days.
Today was one (if I count that the money we paid our accountant to get our taxes done probably won't come off our credit card for a couple days), and I'm feeling pretty good about it. In fact, I found out we'll get tax money back, we should see our moving claim in the next couple weeks, and I was approved for a couple of freelance articles for the paper. So, in essence, today was a make money day!
The warm weather makes this whole no-spending plan easier, because now I'm not killing time with Abby at the Games Centre (complete with paid admission, now that she's two), or going to Starbucks with her just because. We can go out for long walks, or visit the park for hours, until it's time to come home for lunch.
What do you all do for free fun?


  1. free fun in the spring/summer? walks, picnics, walks downtown...

  2. Oh yes, puddles are so wonderful right now, aren't they?

    I hadn't really thought about no-spend days, but it's such a good idea to be aware. It might keep me from making that impulsive coffee / chocolate bar / pretty shiny thing buying decision.

    We bought kites today. (Not a no-spend day, clearly!) But now that the kites are bought, I'm really looking forward to the free fun we can have with them. We already flew them for about 10 minutes. On a steady wind day, they're going to be really terrific!


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