Friday, April 29, 2011


I continue to learn more every day about seeing food as medicine, and this is a topic I really enjoy researching. I find it empowering that, in a stage where I exert little control over what happens physiologically, I can do my utmost to ensure I am properly nourishing my systems.
I realize that food choices are extremely personal, and mine are certainly tailored to my needs, and that of my family. I certainly don't advocate for one choice over another to anyone else, and I appreciate that no one wants unsolicited advice in that respect.
That said, I have been really touched by how helpful and supportive my friends have been towards me. I'm still not sure my journey to a healthy pregnancy is all that dramatic in the big scheme of things, but nonetheless I am so thankful for the support, in words, hugs and gracious gifts.
A few of my friends have really gone out of their way. One even brought back food from Hawaii that she thought would contribute to my healing through food. She brought me this great big bag of trail mix bites that are composed of all kinds of great nuts and dried fruits that I wouldn't find up here, that are great hormone stabilizers and nutrient-packed with vitamins. She had a billion other things to bring home with her and I am so touched she thought of little ol' me and my diet project.
Another friend brought over a whole big bag of game meat her husband had hunted, because she read that I was trying to incorporate more lean red meat into my diet to increase my iron. Game meat (moose and bison, she sent) is especially high in iron and low in fat. I could hardly believe she took the time and resources from her own stockpile to help us out. Not to mention the cost: I must say increasing our meat intake has also increased our grocery bill. A big bag of gratis game meat has been a real gift.
Seeing friends at the store or on Main Street, who stop to ask how the diet is going, makes me feel so warm. I think anybody likes to hear someone else is thinking about them. I know for me, having people stop to tell me they wish me well and share related experiences has been a better support than hugs (and I love my hugs).
Going through some of this tough stuff is incredibly isolating, because it's instinctive for me to feel it is solely my issue, my obstacle, my force to reckon with. And it is. But it is very touching that so many people, with their own busy lives and issues, have stopped to share something helpful with me.
Thank you :)

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