Thursday, April 21, 2011

Long Weekend

It's the start of a long weekend for everyone in our house: no work to take anyone away (less there is an emergency, knock on wood). I'm so looking forward to the loose ties of days strung together without a schedule to tighten the weave. The weather is warming, there is promise of time spent with friends eating good food, and time spent silently on the couch turning our brains into mush but our hearts are warmed, because we are together.
I would consider myself a spiritual person, and I plan to take this weekend to look forward to the promise of a new spring, of new chances and hopes, of warmer days, longer nights, and adventure.
I sit here now looking at this scene:

And bid it adieu for a few days. It is time to reconnect with the living around me. Sometimes I find it easier to narrow my focus and take comfort in the faceless friends and connections I (am fortunate enough to) forge online. This weekend, this new breath, I dedicate to those here with me, hoping we can all take a collective leap forward, hand-in-hand.
Have a wonderful long weekend. And if you waver back-and-forth deciding whether or not to go for the extra slice of pie for dessert, eat it in my honour. :)

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