Saturday, April 2, 2011

Little Green Thumb

I am babysitting my friend's plant this week. Tough I'm scared of killing it, I think she sent it over because she knew how much Abby would love it.
And it's true: when the little munchkin scampered down the stairs after her nap, she ran right up to it and said, "Oh! Hi plant! Oh!"
Since Abby's been around, we've added a few plants to our house and she just loves them. She comes down for her breakfast, and while the toast is toasting or the water's boiling for oatmeal, she circulates the main floor, wishing an exuberant "Good morning!" to our aloe vera plant, our quasi-palm tree looking plant, our jade plant, our nerve plant and our teeny-tiny sprouts in the herb garden I'm working on (wish me luck!).
On her birthday, I didn't take her to McDonald's or the indoor playground, I took her to the flower shop where she just about peed herself (or maybe she did?) with excitement.
The days I come home from the grocery store with a cellophane-wrapped bouquet of flowers she is elated and immediately greets the blooms before her mama.
Now that it is spring,* I am letting myself get all excited and giddy about green and blooms and growing stuff. I am so excited to see Canadian Tire erect its outdoor greenhouse, because then I'll know I can go get the spider plant for Abby's room, the flowers for my front yard, the hanging basket for my back porch and whatever else my (rater strict, harumph) spending limit allows.
I am excited because I can feel my enthusiasm be absorbed and expanded ten-fold with Abby, my extreme and jubilant green thumb.

* The season in which our ginormous snowbanks begin melting. While there isn't any green, or trees budding, or outdoor gardens blooming, we have the essence of spring, and that's about as close as we get until real summer rolls around!

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