Monday, April 25, 2011

The Last Night

It's the evening on the last day of a long weekend, and there's a little bit of that "last day of summer camp" feeling in the air. Tomorrow means Rich goes back to work, our house guests hit the highway for home, and there is no longer a good excuse to eat chocolate bunny-shaped treats throughout the day.
We had a great long weekend together. The sun decided it was high time to start beating down and melting the snow (halleluiah). The dog requested her daily trail hikes and I had the free time to oblige her (and my gluteus maximus muscles). The spring lilies bloomed for Abby, and she rejoiced.Rich and I went out on a date, which I always relish, because it affords us the time and focus to have these great, deep, life heart-to-hearts with each other. I always feel so reconnected after date nights. (Even if we come home and Abby has run the babysitter nuts)
We ate a delicious Easter dinner with friends, and nothing makes me as satisfied as filling my belly with food we've all prepared and brought to share with each other around a loud, informal table, without pretense or filters. We all laughed and clapped as our crazy offspring darted around the house in an egg hunt, clamouring for each other's treats and stickers.
And now on a sunny last-day-of-camp evening, I sip chai tea, put my (bare) feet up (it's the beginning of sandal weather, I declare!), and watch a brain cell-killing comedy with good friends until one of us says it's time for bed.

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