Saturday, April 16, 2011

It's Friday, Friday

Around these parts, Friday nights can sometimes go by unnoticed. With an offbeat work schedule for Rich and a staying home routine for me, days of the week are largely inconsequential (except when I need to remember Thursday playgroup and Wednesday night Real World). Last Friday, for whatever reason, I noticed what day of the week it was. I surveyed the scene:
Rich on the couch with a teeny earpiece in his right ear, an xBox controller in his hands and a fictional, digital hockey game on the television screen. I sat cross-legged in front of the dryer, taking out Abby's array of pink clothes, folding them back into her basket. After laundry, my grand Friday plans involved reading, sweeping the kitchen floors and doing a yoga DVD.
It was admittedly peaceful and low-stress. But it was also Friday night, and it cried out to me for so much more fun.
"It’s Friday, Friday. Gotta get down on Friday. Everybody’s lookin’ forward to the weekend." (Songstress extraordinaire Rebecca Black)
Even 14-year-old whiny-voiced girls know to carpe diem on a Friday. I decided I needed to take hold, to make things dramatic by vowing to "live the life you want to lead" and "enjoy the ride." This, for me, meant inviting some friends over for a Friday night of wine, food and card games. Not revolutionary, I know. But I know what makes us happy; good friends, good food and wine a-flowing make for loud laughs, impromptu dance-offs and much glee. We blasted Motown tunes (it is my party, after all), ate cheesy garlic bread and homemade cookies, and played this hilarious card game called Shithead, that has way too many rules and requires concentration. This did not bode well under our veil of wine and whisky, but the loser had to wear my crystal tiara from prom 2002 for the next round, so we carried on until the sun actually set (which is past 10:00 p.m. now!).
We woke up with headaches and a kitchen counter top decorated with empty cans, bottles and glasses. But neither of us have complained all day because we made a valiant effort to take back Friday night, and conquered it, if I do say so.
This was taken back when Friday nights were regularly spent imbibing and dancing

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