Monday, April 4, 2011

Epicurean Voyeurism

I started reading blogs, honestly, because I have a voyeuristic tendency, a curiosity, that was instantly gratified. I didn't know the authors, but I loved following their sagas. One was a Texas mama training for a marathon. One was a Pennsylvania insurance agent-cum-writer living the single life. One was a British illegal immigrant stripping to make rent.
See how exciting it can be? And it was! But along the line I've found the blogs I like best are the ones that inspire me. That doesn't mean they have to be written by women living similar to me, but there are definitely some mom blogs I really love, for their honesty, whimsy and ability to change the way I see my own day unfolding, for the better.
Lately I've been really into food blogs. Not gourmet lah-dee-dah ones where the show-off authors highlight their amazing and unattainable delights. Actually, I've been really into clean eating and vegan blogs, to get ideas about how to incorporate more vegetables, less sugars, and more wholesome ingredients into foods I love. My curiosity in this regard has more than paid off as I've discovered and experimented my way through butternut squash brownies, vegan coffee cake, tabouleh melts and almost-vegan pizzas (I cannot for the life of me sacrifice mozarella on my pizzas).
Some of my faves:
If you have the chance to check them out, you'll notice that aside from their expansive recipe sections and colourful creations, the writing is superb. I need that, if I'm going to continue revisiting a blog. If it's going to take my time and attention, I better find new and interesting words alongside recipes. And if I'm going to follow along, then a storyline, a journey, some inspiration better be floating around in the subtext.
I am constantly being inspired in my kitchen, and challenging myself to try new foods, add more colour onto our plates and ingest new nutrients.
Tonight's experiment of trying out liver stir-fry: Meh. I prepared the liver as best I could and camouflaged it in really sweet peppers and hoisin sauce and noodles, but I couldn't stop myself from gagging as I chewed through bite after bite of liver. There's no changing it or hiding it, liver is liver. But at least I tried!
Tomorrow: Trying some vegetarian baked beans I picked up in Alaska, a new whole wheat sourdough waffle recipe and broccoli au gratin with our jerk chicken for dinner. Inspired? Hungry?


  1. I'm a big fan of all three of those blogs as well, they really do have some great recipes and are very talented writers. Butternut squash brownies sound very interesting!

  2. Liver - wow! You are brave! I've been enjoying reading your blog and I've added you to my blogroll - hope you don't mind! I lived up North as a kid and I loved it...thanks for letting us get a peek into your adventures.

  3. Nice to meet you Megan! Love Food and Whine!
    J: Peek away! Also it turns out liver is a really weird/gross texture, to me


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