Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Cooped Up

I imagine this reflection will seem like it's coming a bit late to anyone south of 60. And it is late, to you. Up here, though, I look out my window in this last full week of April, there is still a bunch of snow.
Mind you, it's melting quickly under the long days of nearly midnight sun (it has been setting the last few days after I go to bed at 10, and then climbs back up in the sky before 6).
I am so anxious to get on with summer, I find myself doing things that I would think look mental. Like shoveling my front lawn (you know, putting the snow on the driveway so it melts faster!). Wearing flip flops and a down vest at the same time. (My feet have been cooped up for months, and they need air! And, admittedly, a good pedicure). I even tried line-drying my duvet this afternoon. But it was really windy and it blew my duvet and the drying rack across the yard and into a snow pile that hasn't yet melted.
I have little herb plants growing inside, stretching up towards the sun, because they don't know it's still snowy outside.
I feel like those plants. Against the blatant visual evidence that winter continues to make a lamb-like exit as slow as molasses, I want to believe it's summer. I want it to be time to eat outside, and blow bubbles (without them dripping onto Abby's snowsuit). I want it to be warm enough for me to go wash my car outside, because it's getting really dirty, but I can't in good conscience go down to the car wash and pay for it to be cleaned, because it feels like a warm day is right around the corner.
I want it to be time to go to the park along the Yukon River after breakfast and stay until nap time, without worrying about Abby getting cold, or wet from splashing in ice-covered puddles.
Like my little herb plants, I continue to grow on Vitamin D, happily turning to the sun, ignoring all other evidence that it is not summer yet.
I walk Skylar along the trails and enjoy the sun-kissed summer glow upon my nose and cheeks.
I wear sandals anyway, even if my lizard-dry winter feet are cold.
I buy way too much fresh produce because it has been so long, and make summer staples (like mango-avocado chutney over BBQ chicken breasts).
I sit on the driveway drawing sidewalk chalk people with Abby, making sure I sit facing the sun, wearing dark colours, so it feels warmer.
Ignorance is bliss and I have no interest in reading the weather report or looking at the numbers on my thermometer. Summer is coming, and I need to believe it's glow will be here sooner than later.

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