Friday, April 8, 2011

All that jazz

Last night, a friend reminded me of a live jazz event held once a month that I'd previously put off because Rich was working, guests were here, or I'd forgotten. Thankfully, my friend reminded me yesterday, my schedule was clear and Rich was home to be with Abby (he happily accepted his solitude and free reign on Xbox).
Let me tell you, it's been years since I last saw live jazz. The last time was in Ottawa, under a canopy of summer sky stars, watching Dave Brubeck at Jazz Fest, which was moving. The time before that, I was in New York with Rich doing some Christmas shopping and we stopped into Birdland to see who was playing. Since Birdland is Jazz Mecca, I was sure we'd see some amazing talent. Did we ever luck in: it was an anniversary celebration week, and Charlie Parker's drummer, Roy Haynes,, was on the stage that night. It was almost orgasmic. We spent the last of our $50 (hey, we were students) paying cover and for the obligatory drink. I can't tell you what it was or if I drank it. I was mesmerized, ecstatic, captivated by a true jazz legend.
Living in Ottawa, I was never far from a great live jazz performance at Jazz Fest, in a Montreal jazz club, or Birdland.
Last night was the first time in years that I sat in a dark room to watch musicians get into the groove of jazz. I looked down and saw a number of other toes tapping the beat alongside mine. It was great, local talent, playing some classic tunes. I loved it.
They say if you have to explain what jazz is to someone, then they don't get it. I hate the snobbery of that statement, but it's true to a degree: it's a feeling, a vibe, and when you feel it, you know it.
I'm grateful for a night out by myself to be part of live jazz again.

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  1. Sorry if I talked your ear off, Sarah! I'm glad you came out!

    I totally missed so many music opportunities when I lived in Ottawa. I wasn't really into jazz at the time -- I liked it, but I wasn't pursuing it. Ah well, grabbing onto all the opportunities I can now. :)


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