Saturday, March 5, 2011

Writing and raising

Friday arrived, as it is wont to do, and when I finally heard, "have a nice weekend, thanks for coming in this week," I tried to be as gracious and polite as possible as I zipped up my parka and zoomed out of the building. I couldn't wait to go pick up Abby. I had butterflies, I had a smile a mile wide, I was humming. I may as well have been a 14-year-old girl going out on a first date.
And when I woke up this morning and started the slow, Saturday process of steeping the tea, checking my e-mail, doing some stretching and getting out breakfast, I knew that this is what I want my life to be.
I found this week went by way too fast for my liking.
Monday through Friday I'd finish work, have a couple hours with Abby and then she was gone to the land of nod, where I can't play with her and cuddle. Then, come morning, we'd be in a mad rush to scarf down food and get out of the warm house to a cold morning trip to daycare, where she would cry and beg me not to leave.
I much prefer our slow mornings, taking time to sing Adele songs over our oatmeal. I like making bread, doing the laundry and washing the dishes with my little helper girl. I like seeing my husband in normal, daylight hours, and not this crazy dance of "hi" and "bye" while one arrives home and the other heads out day after day.
Life spent in the fast lane of work start times, day care pickups, meals prepared in 20 minutes or less, and cuddle time reduced to the bare minimum is not what I want right now.
I love writing. This week, I loved being a more active part of this city, and being a part of the news. I loved lunch hours and interviewing amazing people, and finding the best words to tell a story with a guaranteed audience of a few thousand, sometimes nationally.
But more than I love writing news, I love raising Abby. And that project is always changing, growing, fleeting, and progressing towards a time she won't need me quite so much. Writing will always be there waiting for me.

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  1. I was really looking forward to this post! I was curious if it would make you want to return to writing full time.

    I think you are making are great decision.

    We are both young and will have lots of time to focus on our careers, but for right now raising our kids is priority number one.


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