Thursday, March 10, 2011

Tragedy strikes

Alright. I'm happy to report I'm feeling much better (pun intended!)
Today got off to a fast start, so there was no time to wallow in the blahs, thank goodness.
Unfortunately what got me off and running this morning was a sad story. I learned that the recreation centre in Ross River had burned down overnight. It housed the youth centre, the fitness centre and the newly restored hockey arena. I began chatting informally with a friend who lives across the street from it and realized there was definitely a story to be told. I got on the phone talking to the Ross River deputy fire chief, the head of the recreation society who is a beloved teacher and role model, and I spoke more formally to my friend for her eyewitness account of the fire. When the newsroom at my old paper was open for business at 9, I called, pitched the story and was told to run with it.
Luckily, Abby was more than happy to be parked in front of the movie Madagascar for about an hour with an apple and some dry cereal. Phew!
I'm heartbroken at the loss, and shared tears on the phone with people in Ross over this tragedy. I also got to write a story, and share a plea for donated hockey equipment, so I hope the story does some good. I linked to it below, if you're interested in reading it.
It was very therapeutic to throw myself into something so much bigger than me. This tragedy will bruise the lives of so many kids and teenagers in Ross, not to mention the adults who run it and put so much work into restoring it.
So much of what I love about writing is telling an important story, and finding the best words with which to tell it. I am really thankful I got to do that today.

Story online:

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  1. I hate this story so much. Whatever needs to be done let me know, money, equipment, whatever I want to help


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